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how to create a youtube channel

how to create a youtube channel

YouTube is currently playing a special role in the entertainment world of the Internet. At one time Facebook used to have more than 1 billion users in the entertainment world, but now all of Facebook's users are using YouTube. More than one-third of all users in the world of internet is spending hours on YouTube.

how to create a youtube channel

YouTube is making a big impact not only in the entertainment world but also in the marketing world. In the future, YouTube will play a special role in the marketing world.

Currently, the use of YouTube has increased so much that through YouTube you can take the path to success in your business.

YouTube paves the way for your business to grow. You need to create a YouTube account to use YouTube in your business.

There are some steps you need to follow how to create a youtube channel.

1. First, you have a Google Account

You need a Google Account to use all the features you need to create a channel on YouTube, watch YouTube, share it, upload content.

If you do not have an account on Google, you can create a Google Account with the help of Sumner.
You need to do a Google search on a mobile or computer browser. Then you have to click on the dotted square in the upper right corner.

Google services will have an account, click on the account, you will actually click on the new account at the bottom of the logging page to create, then submit some information to Google and create an account.

Next time you have a Google Account, you're ready to create a YouTube channel. You can create your own channel on YouTube through a Google Account.

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2. Create a YouTube brand

Then you have to search YouTube in the browser on your computer and open the YouTube home page when you open the home page of YouTube you will find the dropdown menu on the other side of the right click on the account options.

However, you can create a YouTube account and use it as a personal Google Account. You will have the same YouTube account name as your personal Gmail account, but you will not be able to use your own brand name.

To create your brand account you need to create a new channel, you will need to go to the dropdown menu again to create an account and click on your channel there and click on the create channel with your brand name.

The next time you click on the page you will come to your channel dashboard. In this dashboard page, you will see all your personal information.

Now you 're ready to customize your channel. Now you can click on Customize Channel on the Dashboard. This time you have a dashboard page on your YouTube channel.

Now you can verify all the information on the dashboard. After you retrieve the details correctly, you should click on the settings on the right, then click on Advanced Settings. This page details some important information about your channel.

1. First, you can use the logo for your band channel.
2. You need to select your country
3. Enter the keyboard name for which keyword your channel was replaced.
4. If you would like to advertise business videos on your channel, you can enable it by clicking on the ad.
5. You can add your Analytics ID to the channel.
6. You can now save the information by clicking Save below.

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3. YouTube channel topics

Now you need to input about the topic of your YouTube channel. All you need to do is tell YouTube about the topic of this YouTube channel. However, your channel will be able to recommend YouTube to the right user. There are a few steps you need to follow in order to know about your channel on YouTube.

1. You need to login to your youtube channel
2. You have to open the dashboard on your YouTube channel
3. You have to click on the About button on your YouTube channel dashboard
4. The first row will mention the date of your subscriber and zoning.
5. In the second row, you have to provide details about your YouTube channel, in this description you need to specify the content of the YouTube channel.
6. You need to know all the details about your YouTube channel.
7. If you have a business email, you should use that email.
8. You have to choose which country you are a citizen of.
9. You can link a YouTube channel to another social media account on YouTube channel. Like Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest and so on. You can add up to 6 social media links across YouTube channels.

Then in Advanced Settings, you will update your channel logo (the image that identifies your account to everyone).

 Now that your channel cover picture has to be uploaded to the channel, you need to customize your YouTube channel cover picture to get a brief overview of your channel.

4. Upload the video

Now you're ready to upload the video to the YouTube channel. It's time to give your channel important information about your business brand.

When you complete a video about your home, you will need to upload it to the YouTube channel.

1. You login to YouTube
2. Now you open the dashboard of your YouTube channel.
3. In the top corner of the dashboard, there is a video camera sign, click the uploaded video in that sign
4. Find and upload your business video.
5. When the video is uploaded to YouTube, a title containing the video must be given, so that the user can visit this video when searching.
6. Then the video description should be given in 5000 characters.
7. Most Important You need to import keywords related to this video.
8. The last video to be published.

5. Playlist Creation

Once several YouTube videos are uploaded to your YouTube channel, those videos will need to be sorted into one structure. Keep in mind that if your videos are reversed, the likelihood of your videos coming down is greatly reduced.

Videos can always be different depending on the type of business you are in, so standardizing videos and dividing all videos into videos will help your YouTube channel improve and navigate visitors.

Organizing a playlist on your YouTube channel improves the quality of your YouTube channel and increases the likelihood that a visitor will continue to watch the video from one video to the next.

1. You log in to your YouTube channel and click on customize.
2. Click the PlayList tab.
3. Create new playlists.
4. Create videos by title.
5. Separate playlists by each video type.
6. Input videos by the name of each playlist.

When creating a playlist, keep in mind that all the videos are very important for your channel. Because these videos will help your YouTube channel move forward.

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6. YouTube channel completed

Creating your YouTube channel is almost over. Now upload all the videos about your YouTube channel band. The more videos you upload to the YouTube channel, the more users will know about your brand channel, the more than a million people watch videos on YouTube every day.

You can monetize this YouTube channel by monetizing it. YouTube is currently playing a key role in making money online. You can monetize your channel and make money from the YouTube channel so you have to follow the steps step by step.

In order to earn money from a YouTube channel, you must meet certain requirements for YouTube.

1. Your YouTube channel must have 1,000 subscribers within 12 months.
2. Your YouTube channel must meet those watch time periods within 12 months.
3. Videos on your YouTube channel must be without a copyright claim.

Some important information is provided for the progress of your YouTube channel, applying this information correctly can help your YouTube channel improve.

The title is very important for YouTube channel videos. The titles of your videos must be accurate and general. Videos on your YouTube channel will help title users understand what your video is about. The titles of the videos on your channel are very important. If the video titles are not clear then users can script the video. That's why titles play an important role in YouTube channel videos.

The videos on your YouTube channel must be descriptive and complete. YouTube can know your video type through your description. Proper video descriptions help you reach your video content user. YouTube decides on the subject of your video from the description of your video. Descriptions on YouTube play a very important role in ranking Google.

Tags and titles are just as important as titles and descriptions. To improve your YouTube channel, titles, tags and descriptions can all take you to the top of your YouTube channel's growth. Keywords are tags related to the topic of your video.

Examples: When I searched for Best Mobile on YouTube, the tag is "Best Mobile", the combined tag tags for this keyword (Best Android Mobile, Best Windows Mobile, Best Touch Mobile, Best Gaming Mobile, etc.).

Video thumbnail
Thumbnail of a YouTube video helps a lot in bringing the view into the video. If any YouTube video thumbnail is attractive then the user cannot go without watching the video. Therefore, as the thumbnail of the video becomes attractive, the chances are that the user will watch your video.

Starting a YouTube channel may seem very excitable for you. You are the first step towards your dream. Starting your brand channel on YouTube, you can gradually export all the features of YouTube. If you follow this step by step after reading this article, you will not have any problem. I hope this "how to create a youtube channel" article helps you build your YouTube channel brand.
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