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Would you like to know about micro niche


Micro niche = Earning money

Hello friends welcome to come back, Many of us are earning online or many know how to earn money online, A part of that is the idea of blogging, blogs or websites, But today we will talk about a part of blogging about micro-niche blogging, Micro niche Blogging is a small part of blogging.

Micro niche blogging, what is Micro niche,

Currently, many have chosen to blog as their profession, Currently blogging earns a lot of money, If you have an interest in blogging then you can start blogging, But blogging will work for a long time then you can earn money, If you want to earn money in a short time, blogging part of micro-blogging, You can earn money for very little time in micro-blogging, You do not have to work long hours like blogging, you can create a niche blogging,

How to Start Micro niche Blogging

Before you start micro-niche blogging, you have to follow some procedures, First of all you have started micro-blogging that will earn money online, So keep in mind that Google's algorithm has changed so you have to set up high-quality micro-niche blogging by following it, Since your main goal is Google Adsense, you have to use below and the domain's very high quality,

You will have to watch a long time to see which of the following countries are searched by Google in the United States and America, And those below will have to be analyzed in the keyword planner, The observation keywords are to see if their CPC is high and what keywords will be used for a long time, Some of the more important things to follow are those,

niche and domain -

niche below for micro-blogging is the most important, So select the topic that will be very comfortable for you, Traveling will take some time to pick up the topic,

Keep in mind that you will earn money from this issue so do not forget to check its popularity and CPC, because the popularity and CPC are as high as you can come to Google's first page,

For example I chose a niche of the iPhone, Its popularity is very high and Google has a lot of iPhone related topics, This topic will search Google for a long time, you will have to find popular topics similar to that which is high in Google search and CPC will be higher and the most important competition is very low, The less likely the competition is to come to the first page of Google,
While choosing a domain, remember this advice: Whenever you buy a domain from a website, that domain is of a higher level, and you can buy a domain from a trusted website,

Keyword Analysis -

You need to use the best tool to analyze the keywords, because the more accurately you can analyze your blog, the faster your blog will rank, Your main goal is to earn money online so you will choose a keyword that the CPC will be higher, its popularity is very high, If my blog status is enough then I can earn money from my blog,

I always use the ahrefs tool for analyzing keywords, Because I always get the right information from this keyword tool, Such as keyword search volume, competition, keyword CPC, etc, You can also use the ahrefs tool but the Ahrefs tool has to be purchased with money, If you want to use the free keyword tool, you can use Google Edward Tool, So you can use this tool, you can find keyword's search volume from this Google Keyword Planner, you can also use the surface, SEO profiler tool.

Finally, a micro-nose website was created, This is the first time you should write a post. Remember to write the post. Remember that the post you write should be between at least 2000 words, The more you post the words, the more quickly your website will rank, And you have to use some keywords related to your main keyword, and you will have a website rank, And you'll have to use some keywords related to your main keyword, you must write 5 to 6 posts on this website and all posts will be written on the main keyword,

After posting, you will have to rank this post on Google, For that you have to submit the Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Because if you do not submit your post will not be ranked in Google, If the website does not rank you can not earn money from the website, To earn money, you have to rank your website,

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If you have any questions reading this post then you can comment below. I will try to answer your question.                                           
                                                                       Thank you.

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