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Keyboard shortcuts || shortcuts key on computer

Keyboard shortcuts | shortcuts key on a computer

Hello friend Aaj Hamara topic hai keyboard shortcuts, Aaj Hum Jayenge computer par shortcuts key istemal kar ke aur bhi  achha se type kar sakte hai, Jis Se Hame computer par kam karne mein aur bhi Aasani hogi, keyboard shortcuts key Agar Hame Pata Ho To Hame Mouse ko touch kiye Bina Hum keyboard se shortcut key use Karke Apna Kaam Aur Bhi badiya tarike se kar sakte hai,

Keyboard shortcut, shortcut keys, computer shortcut keys

Abhi Hamare daily life Mai computer very important object ho gaya hai. Without computer Hamara daily life start nahi hota, study business gaming ect.. everything koi bhi Kaam Ho computer fixed Ho Gaya, abhi hum jyada tar come computer Se Karte Hain To uske liye Hame keyboard shortcut Pata hona bahut important hai, shortcuts key Agar Pata Ho to Koi bhi Kaam quick ho jata hai, abhi daily life mai competition beat karne ke liye computer ki  keyboard shortcuts key Pata hona par aasani se competition beat kar sakta hai,


General/basic --

Copy selected items  -       (CTRL + C)

Cut Selected items     -       (CTRL + X)

Paste clipboard items -     (CTRL + V)

delete selected items -      (DEL KEY)

             Undo                  -      (CTRL + Z)

             Redo                  -      (CTRL + Y)

         Select All              -      (CTRL + A)

        Page Print             -      (CTRL + P)

Open Task Manager   -      (CTRL + ALT +DEL)

Permanent Delete      -      (SHIFT + DEL)

Refresh The Active Window -    ( F5 )

Rename Selected Items -           ( F2 )

 Basis Mac os        --

(CMD + CLICK)        -    open sidebar item in a new tab or window  (DEPENDING ON FINDER PREFERENCES).

(CMD + 1) (CMD +2) (CMD + 3) (CMD + 4)   -   Switch Finder Views ( ICON, LIST, COLUMN, COVER FLOW )

(RIGHT ARROW)   -    In List View, Expand A Folder

(LEFT ARROW)     -    In List View, Collapse A Folder
PRESS RETURN (OR ENTER)  -  Rename The Selected File /Folder

(CMD + DOWN ARROW)    -    Go Into selected Folder Or Open The Selected File

    (CMD + UP ARROW)       -    Go To Parent Folder

            (CMD + [ )                   -     Go Back

            (CMD + ] )                  -      Go Forward

TAB ( SHIFT +  TAB REVERSES DIRECTION)   -     Select The Next Icon And List View

TAB ( SHIFT +  TAB REVERSES DIRECTION)   -     Alternative Columns In Column View

(CMD + C) (THEN CMD + V)      -     Copy And Paste File

(CMD + C) (THEN CMD + OPTION + SHIFT + V)   -   Copy And Paste File Exactly (Keeps Original Ownership, Permission, Requires Admin Username, password).

(CMD + C) (THEN CMD + OPTION + V)   -    Cut And Paste File (Move File)

(CMD + DRAG FILE TO DISK)    -     Move A File Instead Of Copying (Copies To The Destination And Removes It From The Original Disk.

(CMD + OPT + DEL)     -     Immediately Delete A File (Does Not Put File In Trash)

(CMD + DELETE )     -     Move Selected Files To The Trash (Called The Recycle Bin In Windows)

(CMD + SHIFT + DELETE)    -    Empty The Trash With Warning (Like Emptying Recycle Bin In

(CMD + OPT + SHIFT +DEL)    -      Empty The Trash With No Warning (Like Emptying Recycle Bin In Windows)

             (ESC)      -      Cancel A Drag -N- Drop Action While In The Midst  Of Dragging

(CMD + OPT + I)    -    Show inspector (A Single , Live Refreshing Info window

(CMD + Z)     -      Undo The Last Action (Such As Rename File, Copy File ,Ext..)

(CMD + OPT + S)     -     Hide/Show sidebar (On The Left)

(CMD + OPT + T)     -     Hide/Show Toolbar (On The Top)  And The Sidebar

(CMD + DRAG)      -       Move Or Remove Item In Toolbar (At The Top Of The Window).
 PRESS THE SPACE BAR OR (CMD + Y) ON THE TRACK PAD CAN ALSO TAP WITH 3 FINGERS -   Open Quick Look (Previews Most Types Of Files Without Having To Open Them)

(CMD + F)     -    Find Files



(WIN + E)                -     Open File  Explorer

(ALT + TAB)            -     Change Tabs

(WIN + F1)              -      Open Windows Helps

(WIN + F)                -      Windows Search

(WIN + R)               -      Open Run Windows

(WIN + M)              -      Minimize All Windows

(ALT + F4)              -     Close Current Window

(ALT + F)                -     Menu Options In Current Program

     (F1)                    -     Universal Help

     (F2)                    -    Rename A Select File

      (F5)                    -    Refresh The Current Program Window

(CTRL+ A)               -    Select All Texts

(CTRL + S)              -    Save Current Document File

(CTRL + X)              -    Cut Select Items

( HOME)                 -    Goes To Beginning Of Current Line

(CTRL + HOME)    -     Goes To Beginning Of Document

      (END)                -    Goes To End Of Current Line

Keyboard shortcuts || shortcuts key on computer 

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